"An Ounce of Prevention..."

Mar 27, 2017 | Posted in News

Prevention works. We know this. We get a flu shot to keep from getting sick. We exercise and eat right to stay strong.

Kevin (pictured above) is one of 144 children (and counting!) at St. Martin Early Learning Center/programs/early-learning-center. When he isn’t dressed in his finest Ben Franklin clothes, he’s receiving quality pre-Kindergarten education to help him have a brighter future later in school. Each day, his teachers help him with reading and writing, relating to others, problem-solving, and other skills that will give him a head start.

Mountains of research prove that starting school with these skills under your belt, like Kevin is, helps ensure that children stay on a great educational path. They’re also far less likely to get into trouble in their teen and adult years. See? Prevention works.

Prevention doesn’t just stop with Kevin, though. His parents can also learn how to prepare financially for the future. Our certified housing counselors teach classes and provide counseling to help families learn how to budget, increase their savings, decrease the amount of debt they have, and plan for the future, all at no cost.

These classes are the “ounce of prevention” to help make sure that Kevin’s parents are less likely to miss a mortgage payment or have to choose between food and heat. It also means they can better provide for him.

Please give to St. Martin Center, Inc. this holiday season. Your dollars become “a pound of cure.” You are helping us to educate future leaders of our community, and to educate their families to better manage their money.

Thank you,
David González
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Now is the time to prevent. To prepare. Join us today by donating online or by mail at 1701 Parade Street, Erie PA 16503.