Rent a Room

Mar 16, 2015 | Posted in Blog

You are probably wondering where I am going with this title. What does renting a room have to do with St. Martin Center, Inc.?

Trust me, it will make sense soon.

First, let me tell you a story. For over 10 years St. Martin Center, Inc. had a small Thrift Store. It was a well-known little store where you could always find good deals. It had clothing, music, videos and small to medium household items including furniture pieces. Many people stopped by to check out the latest donated items. In a sense, it was stocked by you, our friend and supporter. Sales from the store provided funds to run our St. Martin Center, Inc. programs.

The store was there for the general public but it also helped the many individuals who came to our doors for basic needs assistance. The store lasted for quite some time, but ultimately, it made room for something else, another special place.

The Cheryl A. Kobel multipurpose room now stands where the Thrift Store used to be. It bears the name of the retired long-time CEO of the agency. No, the room is no longer stocked with affordable and practical household goods. There are no more sales and it looks pretty different. But, it still serves as a gathering place.

Check out more pictures here!

Did you know that the multipurpose room is available for rent for your business and personal needs? Do you ever need a meeting space for your training? Do you know someone who is looking to rent a hall for their wedding reception, family reunion or employee banquet?

It costs just $250 for a four-hour time period and seats up to 150 individuals with round or rectangular tables. This is very consistent with other places in the Erie area. It comes with a dedicated Wi-Fi, use of microphone, TV screens, podium and accessible bathrooms.

So, if you a need to rent a room, give us a call. The Cheryl A. Kobel multipurpose room at St. Martin Center, Inc. is the perfect place for your upcoming activity. Like the former Thrift Store, proceeds from the rental feeds helps us run our programs. For more information visit our website or contact Rita Zawacki at 814-452-6113 or