Gifts Keep Giving

Feb 06, 2015 | Posted in Blog

This is Patrick. Patrick received a brand new sparkling bike for Christmas. Patrick’s parents were just beside themselves as they had wanted to give him a bike, but couldn't afford one.

This is Latoya. Her 6-year-old son, Dare’on, told her he had been “praying to God every night for a bike.” If this smile tells you anything, his mama was quite happy to answer that prayer for him just in time for Christmas.

These happy families received these bikes from a generous donation from the Parker Hannifin Corporation. And another 1,666 families received Christmas gifts through our Shining Star Program from amazing donors like you.

Why are we sharing this with you in February, when Christmas is over? Because if it wasn't for the snow, these little guys would be riding their bikes right now. And, come Spring, they’ll be out on them. Right now, little girls are playing with the dolls they received, and little boys are building Lego castles.

You see, when you've given to St. Martin Center – be it time, money…or a child’s Christmas gift – your gift has carried on long beyond the time you gave it. The warm feeling you had, and that you provided to the families who benefited, continues on.

When you've given a monetary donation, you've guaranteed that a program would help others long after your check is deposited. When you've given food, you’re ensuring that a family not only has a meal to eat but that their hearts stay full long after because they know someone cared about them.

When you volunteer, that gift goes on because our staff is reminded that someone chose to give their personal time to make our job easier….and to make our clients’ lives easier.

You helped our Erie community a lot the last few months by supporting us in so many ways. You gave gifts, you volunteered, you gave some of your hard-earned dollars. You didn't have to do any of these things, and we cannot thank you enough for doing them.

We hope you know now that the effects of those wonderful gifts are still going on for us. And for the homes and people you impacted.

Like Patrick and Dare’on.