I Never Thought It Could Happen to Me

Dec 08, 2014 | Posted in Blog

I was recently reading stories of the individuals we help at St. Martin Center, Inc. and a theme jumped out at me. The theme was: They never thought it could happen to them.

Many of the individuals who were coming to St. Martin Center for assistance had never sought services from a nonprofit in the past. Some came to our Social Services department for emergency help to pay rent because they had gotten divorced or sick and suddenly lost a large part of their income. Others had lost their jobs of many years and needed to get food to support their families. The situations, whether sickness, job loss, divorce/abuse, created a sudden need for assistance.

* Reading these stories made me think that many of us are just a paycheck away from a crisis and needing assistance from a nonprofit agency. It could happen to anyone. Help us at St. Martin Center, Inc. to continue to offer emergency and crisis assistance to individuals who never thought it could happen to them. *

There are many ways to give. You can give in person, via our secure website, using PayPal. Or, you can always mail your donation to: St. Martin Center, Inc., 1701 Parade Street, Erie, PA 16503.

To read about Sue, who came to us to help get her life back on track, check out our December e-newsletter here!