New to the Blog World

Nov 11, 2014 | Posted in Blog

I have been CEO of St. Martin Center, Inc. for two years. During this time, I have been asked to start blogging but I resisted it. After thinking and reading about it for some time, I have decided to accept the challenge.

Most likely, I will only be able to do this a couple times a month. But, I am now convinced on the need to have a conversation about St. Martin Center, our mission and values rooted in faith, our vital work and the lives we impact every day.

The goal of the blog is not to just share my thoughts. I think a more accurate goal would be to help inform you about St. Martin Center issues and how our work is relevant, meaningful and absolutely essential to the Erie community.

Why should this matter to you? If we are serious about reducing the high levels of poverty in Erie we must all take part in the work.

On occasion, I may have some guest bloggers join me in spreading the message. I look forward to serving and representing St. Martin Center, Inc. in this new adventure. You can join me and follow St. Martin Center, Inc. here on our website, Facebook, and now, Twitter.